Why We Love Our Mothers: 12 Special Moments


Oh, mothers! Today we are big enough to love them again and not to slam the door behind us while screaming "You ruined my life!" When they did not agree to anything we asked for. Today we love them just like that, but especially - because of certain words and deeds.


1. Mother cooks well

Remember how much you hated eating their healthy in your childhood and youth, until you left home? Now you eat their food as if it was the most perfect delicacy every time you come to visit. But even if she did not make anything, eating casual food with her is also great.


2. Mother is almost always right

Boys, girls, work, haircut, where to get tickets and what to wear for the meeting - she knows very much


3. It is interesting to talk to mother

Especially on the phone. For three hours. She has an opinion on every issue and it's interesting


4. Knows everything about making your home fun

These little things that turn your first rented apartment into a house, she brings herself


5. Find anything that is lost

It all starts with the fact that you are too lazy to search alone and she will help and probably find your lost credit card between the sofa cushions.


6. Listen to you always

Tell her about that problem at school and she'll help, even if you'll probably forget everything in a year.


7. You grew up to be one or the other because of her

She checked your homework, sat next to you when you were ill, and the arguments between so you long ago are now erased from memory.


8. She gave really useful advice

If you live in a room of 8 square meters with a small window and you do not have a regular job, you may not want to adopt a large dog.


9. Be involved in all your hobbies

Snow skiing? ballet? beatbox? anima? She knows all this as well as you do.


10. She is always on your side

Even if you decide to speak Chinese or fight with your girlfriend.


11. Ready to solve your problems

So what if you are already over 25 years old? She can still call your landlord and ask for a postponement.


12. She is a real person

You have already grown up, she is your mother and will always be that. But now it is known that her hobbies and interests are different from those that are related to you. Which is best for both of you.


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