10 natural ways to treat headache


Headache, sometimes caused by migraines, can really mess up our daily routine. Often accompanied with nausea, vomiting, neck or back pain, headaches usually send us to the medicine cabinet, searching for the best pain killer.


Did you know that there are all-natural solutions, carrying zero side effects, that can treat this problem? Instead of a temporal solution that involves chemicals, check out these natural easy-to-find treatments that can treat the cause for the headache.



 This cereal is rich with Rutin, active as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Researches indicated that inflammation is often the cause for headaches.



Caffeine is a known anti-migraine agent, based on its influence on the contraction of blood vassals in the brain.



 Ginger is used as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, sometimes even more potent than prescription drugs.


Banana and Ice:

Banana peel is rich with potassium. This potassium can diffuse through the skin and ease the headache, when applied on the face. Ice enhances this process and the effect of this treatment.



Flaxseed is an anti-inflammatory agent. It also contains Omega 3, known for its activity as a natural pain killer.


Basil Oil: 

In cases where the origin for the headache is strained muscles in the neck, basil oil will ease the tension of the muscles and solve the pain.



The magnesium in the almonds can protect the body from headaches by de-contracting the blood vassals.



 An excellent source for calcium, assisting the proper function of the blood circulation system and the cells.



 Sesame is rich with vitamin E, involved in stabilizing the levels of the hormone Estrogen in the body, thus prevent migraines. It is also rich with Magnesium and improves blood circulation.



 Spinach helps to lower blood pressure and treat hangover. Next time you wake up after a night of heavy drinking, consider fixing yourself a huge salad and enrich is with spinach leaves.


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