Top Things Your 5 Main Palm Lines Say About You


What the 5 Main Lines Tell Us

The five main lines that run across your palms are the focus of most palm readers. Here’s what they say about you:

The first major line, the life line, arches between the index finger and thumb towards to wrist.

The line gives a clue to your energy, physical health, and emotional well-being. It shows significant life changes, such as devastating events, relocations, and physical injuries. Modern palm readers don’t associate the length of the life line with the length of one’s life. A short, deep line shows you can deal with difficulties and are easily influenced. A long, deep line means you’re strong, healthy and well-balanced. A faint line shows you tire easily. No line means you don’t know how to relax.

The head line runs from the palm’s edge under the index finger towards the outside edge above the life line.

It represents how the mind works — how you communicate, your style of learning, intelligence, and hunger for knowledge. A long line shows brainpower and a great memory. A very long shows strength and organization. A short line means you analyze everything. A curved line says you’re opportunistic, idealistic, and romantic. A thin line shows you’re a dreamer. 

The heart line is all about love. It runs from the outer edge of the palm under the baby finger up towards the index finger.

A long line means you’re open, but have idealistic expectations. A super long line says you’re needy in relationships. A short line shows you’re egocentric and introverted. A deep, jagged line indicates that you’re nervous and lead a stressful life. A straight, deep line shows you’re a rebel. If the line is straight and parallel to your head line, you always control your feelings. If the line is wavy, you probably have several flirtatious relationships. 

The fate line trails from the bottom of the palm near the wrist, through the center of the palm towards the middle finger.

The line is linked to your life path, including obstacles, successes, as well as school and career choices. It reflects situations beyond your control, or choices and their consequences.

A simian crease is the blending of the heart and head line starting under the index finger and finishing where the heart line ends at your palm’s edge under the little finger. This line speaks about emotions and reasoning. If the line has no branches, you probably have a really forceful nature. 


The palmar crease divides the palm into two halves. The upper half, right below the fingers, signifies intellect. The lower half represents the materialistic side.

There is loads of information about palm reading. If you identify with it, why not go for a palm reading?


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