These Cooking Fails Will Make You Feel Like an Iron Chef


Let’s face it, most of us are nowhere close to Gordon Ramsay or Paula Dean. Well, we try to be good and some of us really put in a lot of effort to be good at cooking. But these hilariously-bad photos indicate that some people should only consider the option of ordering takeout than to prepare something themselves in the kitchen. One thing is for sure that these people are not born with a great talent for cooking. We just hope that they keep on trying to become better (after all, practice is the key to success). And another reason why they should keep on trying is that we’ll get more hilarious photos like these. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Birthday Cake Gone Wrong

This is an example of paying attention to what kids don’t like. Well, we can’t figure out the exact intentions of the person who made it.The cake was made by someone for her friend’s daughter’s birthday. As expected, one of the kids started crying.


2. Bread Horror Show

We are sorry for showing you this picture as it seems like it came straight from the hell. It’ll probably give you nightmares for a long, long time.Apparently, they were supposed to be smiling faces. Now it looks like they have endured a lot of torture.


3. Peeling Half the Potatoes in the Bag

This is just a hilarious photo and the backstory is more hilarious as well. It is an example of taking a given task seriously.When asked to peel half of the potatoes in the bag, the lady friend of this person did exactly as asked and peeled half side of each potato.


4. Egg with Rice For Visitor Alien

This poor person just wanted a good breakfast. The intentions were good but the outcome wasn’t.It can be used for creating hilarious memes. For example, this is the face you make when you turn on the phone at night.


5. Pizza Fail

Most of us love pizza and this sight simply breaks our hearts. Well, life is not as easy as it seems.We just hope that the cook composed herself and decided to start again by ordering a pizza.


6. “Hey, Where Are My Glasses?”

It is safe to say that the baker lost his/her glasses and decided to keep the working going.We can’t blame the baker for this because he clearly didn’t see his/her glasses in the first place.


7. The Look of Defeat

Well, the cat couldn’t wait for her human “servant” to give her food. So, she took the matter to its own paws.The look on this lady’s face clearly shows that she has accepted the fact that she can’t do anything about it.


8. Creating Lava

We are not sure whether this person is trying to be a cook or a scientist who has evil plans about the world.A simple attempt to make caramel failed and it seems as if he/she harnessed the sun.


9. Atomic Brownie

It looks as if there was a huge explosion inside of the cup and everything just spilled out.We can only assume that the person who did this experiment won’t think about doing it ever again. Too much time gets wasted in cleaning the oven.


10. Money Cake

This picture beautifully depicts what we can get in reality if we set our expectations too high.The intentions of this person were good but she didn’t expect that it would turn out to be this bad. Cookies are really underrated, try them next time.


11. At Least He Tried

The wife came home with the expectations that everything would be arranged and in order, but she forgot that her husband was at home.We feel sorry for the husband as he was too afraid to say sorry to his wife face to face.


12. Main Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cook

It is hard to understand how someone can mess up even when it comes to making spaghetti.Probably the cook left the burner on high and forgot about helping the spaghetti slip down the pan.


13. Meatloaf Nightmare

This is a really scary sight for anyone, even the cook. One wonders why would anyone think about making a baby out of food.It looks as if the meatloaf baby is possessed.  Good luck taking this picture out of your mind.


14. Better Buy a Rice Cooker Next Time

It is really difficult to comprehend how someone can accomplish this kind of disaster.One thing is for sure that there is something more than just rice which caused this hilarious mess.


15. Recipe: Souls of the Damned

Not everything goes as planned and this picture clearly indicates that the person who cooked these wasn’t expecting to see souls of the damned.One can say that it did go about 5% as planned. But hey, looks don’t matter (or maybe they do in this case).


16. When You Cook in College

Cooking is not an easy thing to do, especially when you don’t know the properties and functions of kitchen utensils.This person thought that everything is made of steel and nothing would go wrong. Well, a mistake was made that day.


17. Pancake Goals

This picture does justice to the word “perfection”. It turned out to be exactly as expected, right?One can notice that the fairy is a big fan of Donald Trump and has his hair.


18. Turning Snowman into a Salamander

This woman was all ready to bake a good looking snowman. She had no idea that she was getting something really unexpected.Some people may think it is a salamander or even an albino frog. Go wild with your imagination.


19. Nuclear Lunch

Who knew foods could cause as much havoc as a nuclear bomb (well, it may become true if we don’t plan for our future resources).We can’t stop thinking that there is a high possibility the advertisement on the box is: “nuke and eat.”


20. Hot Bath for the Chocolate Bunny

Well, they wanted to make a cake for their beloved mother on Mother’s day and ran out of chocolate. Time was running short and they had to come up with a solution.Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hence, they decided to use a chocolate bunny. At least the bunny looks happy.


21. Side Effects of Drinking

The person just wanted to have some good time. So after getting drunk, she decided to have something to eat. Instead of ordering something, she opted for baking.We can only assume that the smoke alarm woke her up. We are glad everything turned out to be okay…at least the things that mattered.


22. Just a Slight Kitchen Mishap

We can’t exactly figure out what actually happened here. The thing that is baffling us is that this lid is not even from the pressure cooker.Whatever caused this mishap, we are sure that this person will be more careful in the future (or may not cook ever again).


23. Happy Birthday

It is believed that this is SpongeBob’s less famous brother who went the wrong way and started doing drugs.Apparently, it looks like the cook decided to ice the cake when it was still hot. Nevertheless, it gave us a hilarious photo.


24. Tortured-Bunny

Well, it looks as if the bunny has enough of the torture and is ready to accept its fate.Although there are so many things that are wrong in this picture, we’re not sure why this person thought a bunny has 4 front teeth.


25. Devil Spinach Baby

You can think that a spinach baby would be easy to make, you’re right! But we have no idea how this person messed this up.It also looks like a deranged smurf. We wish you luck taking this picture of your head.


26. Pressure Cooking Havoc

After looking at this picture, you may decide to throw out your pressure cooker. Who knew this fella could cause so much damage.One thing is for sure that this person will not make the mistake of buying another pressure cooker.


27. Can’t Differentiate Glass from Plastic

We believe that a person who doesn’t know the difference between glass and plastic has no place in the kitchen.Although it looks hilarious, it can prove to be a costly mistake. We just hope that this person learned his/her lesson.


28. Pie from Hell

It is important that we must give credit to the chef for making the Cthulhu in the first place.Secondly, we believe that the chef did a really good job because it is terrifying (that were the initial intentions as well)


29. A Spicy Breakfast

When someone tells you to spice up your life, show them this picture and ask “like this?”We didn’t know some people take morning breakfast so seriously. Can you think of someone who’d eat it with no problem at all?


30. Beginner Sushi Chef

This cook certainly wanted to cook sushi in a cost-effective way. We can’t think of a much better way than this one.If you want to try minimalist sushi, we strongly recommend you to try this recipe.


31. “Oh My Poor Lasagna”

The spelling makes this picture really funny and also the fact that the person dropped his/her “lasagaa”.The lesson for you: Don’t spell wrong or else this is going to be your fate.


32. Creativity at Its Best

Although it is a hack, we can still consider it fail because we see it as a fail. Different prespective people!This seems like a good idea if you want to cook but you’re broke.


33. Master level Cutting Skills

Ever achieved something that you didn’t expect to achieve even a million years? This is an example of how unexpected things happen.We are wondering whether this person was using an ax to cut the fish or she is super skillful.


34. Love For Cookie Monster

Although the name Cookie Monster has the word “Monster” in it, it doesn’t mean it has to be this scary.Given that the cook tried, we’ll give him -5 points on having the guts to take this picture.


35. This Person Is Probably The Reason Behind The "WARNING: Do Not Use Over Open Flame" Label

We can’t say anything on this one because what has happened here can make any sane person angry.It is hard to understand how a person cannot see that it is an electric kettle.


36. When You Know Your Girlfriend Started Cooking

This guy knew that it was going to be a lot of smoke in the apartment, so he was prepared for it.The fire alarm is only good for other scenarios, not when your girlfriend is cooking.


37. Steamed Hotdogs

After watching this picture, you may think about not eating hotdogs ever again. And we firmly stand with you.It is a really disgusting fail that may force many people to stop eating hotdogs.


38. Ceramic Fail

When you do not know how ceramic works, it will fail just like as shown in the picture.Heating the ceramic on the stove top provides direct heat on the bottom, causing it to break.


39. Gluten Free Skeleton

The attempt to make a gluten-free skeleton failed miserably as it became a gluten-free healthy body.This picture shows that it is time for the gluten-free skeleton to go back to the gym.


40. Zombie Panda

We just cannot understand how someone can do this to such a beautiful, innocent creature. That must be a heartless person.It is believed that this is Kung Fu Panda who went on to play a major role in the Resident Evil movie.


41. Poor Minion

Whenever the word minion comes, we start thinking about happy, playful character. But not anymore!This is just downright wrong as the minion is melted and we can’t take this picture out of our heads.

Hailey , Room 16 UHPS

42. Massacre of Egg Chicks

One must understand that some things are better left alone and one of those things is egg chicks.It seems as if the chicks killed each other. It is certainly not a dish to give to kids.


43. Close Enough

The only thing good about this picture is the right number of petals. Other than that, there is nothing correct about it.But we must show some support and encourage this cook to never ever make this mistake again (or stop baking altogether).


44. 100% for Effort, 0% for Final Result

Okay, we must admit that the first one is too realistic to eat. But that can be said about the second one as well.After watching the picture, we won’t be surprised if no one eats it.

Suzanne , rhodesbread

45. My Roommate Tried To Make Pasta. I Stayed Hungry...

When you have a roommate who knows how to cook, it is a blessing. It isn’t a blessing if she can’t even cook pasta right.It is said that the roommate never ever cooked again and was happy in ordering food for the rest of her life.


46. Frying Buffalo Wings

In an attempt to fry Buffalo wings, this person was close to perfection until that happened.When asked how did they taste? The reply was “flaming hot.”


47. Making the Best Use of Bread Maker

From the looks of it, it seems like the famous fungi bread which no one should ever eat.We just hope that she kept on practicing and became better at it. After all, she won’t want her Christmas present to go to waste.


48. Expectation vs. Harsh Reality

It was good for the person to have such high expectations, but she made the mistake of neglecting the harsh reality.We are not sure what to call it. Is it a fat horse or a creature unknown to humans, we can’t say for sure.


49. No Cooking if you’re Drinking

Here is a public service message that can prevent many unfortunate incidents from happening. Don’t cook if you are drunk.It looks as if this cookie was thrown in lava and then brought back. It is horrendous!


50. Mickey Mouse Pancake Fail

It is sad to see our favorite cartoon character get this kind of treatment. The only positive thing we can see here is that this person might not try to make any pancakes in the future.Instead of adding eyes and mouth, try to make the silhouette as it would be much better than this one.


51. Understanding Kitchen Utensils

This is another example of why people need to have a basic understanding of kitchen utensils.Heating a ceramic pot can lead to what happened in this picture. At least this person learned a lesson.


52. Wrong Idea

When you are cooking, it is best to not remove all the lids of spices at the same time. Or else, you’ll be as confused as this person.Another helpful suggestion is to get the basic idea of how herbs look like. It’ll save a lot of your time.


53. Strawberry Snowmen Fail

These don’t look strawberry snowmen. It would be right to call them strawberry-monsters.If you are not happy with strawberry-monsters, you can call them little drunk Santas.


54. Worst Recipe For Hot Chocolate

At first glance, you may think that it is a picture taken of a toilet paper. But in reality, it is an attempt to melt M&M in hot water.This is a clear example of why you should always make chocolate drinks with milk and not water.


55. Using Butter Knife

Imagine using a pressure cooker to make tea. This is what happens when you don’t use the right kitchen utensil.It looks as if this person could’ve even used a chainsaw if he/she had one.


56. Re-Imagining of Classic Book Cover

It seems as if the artisan is a big fan of “The Great Gatsby” and tried to re-imagine its book cover in an attempt that she will never forget.We must admit that it is a good try that deserves a round of applause (we are not joking here and we really think it is a good try).


57. Shark Cupcake Fail

We are really amazed by the level of confidence this person had that he/she tried making these cupcakes.As expected, the cupcakes turned out to be a total mess. The best thing we noticed is the plate on which these cupcakes are served.


58. Taking Things Too Far

This person just wanted to cook sweet potatoes. Her intentions were good, but her actions were not.The baked potatoes look like they have sh*t themselves and it is just hilarious.


59. “You have a Dirty Mind”

It looks as if the person who made this cake had no idea what she had made and that’s why she sent it to her friend.Given that most of us have a dirty mind (wink-wink), we are quickly able to identify that this is no ordinary cake.


60. When You Try to Make Chocolate Covered Bananas

This is just a super hilarious cooking fail. As mentioned above, intentions matter a lot. This person had no idea what was coming his/her way.Well, we’re sure next time this person won’t think about making chocolate covered bananas, at least for school functions.



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