What Does Your Favorite Lipstick Reveal About Your Personality?

Everything you do tells us the story of who you are. Your favorite food, your favorite band, your favorite clothes... Even the lipstick you wear with so much confidence tells us a lot about you. But what exactly? Let’s find out what your favorite shade of lipstick tells us about you and all the other amazing girls out there who are wearing it:

1. Pink

The pink shade ladies are known to be kind and caring. They usually are adorable and sweet girls, with a bit of innocence and tenderness. They are, unfortunately, a bit too sensitive sometimes. They make amazing friends that you can trust completely and confide into. Don’t take their sweetness for weakness, though. A lot of strong and powerful women are choosing pink lipstick!



2. Nude

You can say the girls who choose that classic shade don’t like being the center of attention. Sure, they are a bit shy, but once you try to know one, you will discover a girl sweet and fun to be with. When it comes to friends, they will always choose quality over quantity. Real and close friends are better than a lot for them! Those ladies love to see their friends and family happy more than anything else. They will also pick the comfort of home sweet home to other parties. Cute things, especially animals are a real thing for those misses. Did someone leave a page opened on Youtube with puppies again?



3. Plum

That discreet shade is perfect for those unique and bold women. They have an impeccable taste, particularly in fashion, so everyone runs to them for advice. They are very sociable people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love to take some time for themselves from time to time and we clearly cannot blame them for that, can we?



4. Coral

Ladies who are fond of the happy and bright color for their lipstick are fun and outgoing gals. They adore spending time with their friends and their family. If they love you, they will follow you anywhere. Always the first to laugh and enjoy life, those girls have a passion for outdoors activities. They continuously seek new adventures and experiences. Especially when it involves being outside and close to nature!



5. Red

Girls who go for a classic and iconic red lipstick are passionate and daring. They are very ambitious because they know their worth. They will take more risk than the others and with confidence because they refused to be overlooked. They know they deserved greatness. You go, girls. The red girls are also extremely sociable!



6. Peach

A subtle shade that tells us that the lady is gentle, warm and optimistic being. You will find that girls who like the peach shade are always happy and smiling. They will do anything to lift people's spirit when they are down, and they will succeed thanks to their cheerful personality. They won’t hesitate to put other people needs before their own. Don’t be surprised if you see those radiant girls doing some charity work to help sad people and people in need. They are amazing!



7. Purple

If you want some good advice from someone calm who thinks rationally, then run to a girl who wears a purple shade of lipstick. It suits ladies who hate drama and will do everything to solve it with tact and diplomacy. There is no problem they can’t help with, especially for their beloved friends and family. How amazing to have people like this who are always kind and never create any problems for anyone!



8. Natural

Those are practical and laid-back women’s choice. They are usually reliable gals who like their comfort and wary of too much change. They are busy, and they don’t waste too much time on makeup but they still know how to take care of themselves. They will use a high-quality lip balm and sometimes chapstick when they are in a hurry.



9. Mauve

The mauve is the shade for the mysterious ladies. They usually are capable and cultured women with big dreams and nothing will get in their way and distract them from those. They are NOT afraid of power and to be in charge and it will never get to their heads. They have few friends but good ones. They often keep to themselves, particularly their secrets. They have the power to amaze you completely.




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